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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 16:51

Competition show "Tank Biathlon" will be held on the "Stalin Line"

In the historical and cultural complex "Line of Stalin" on April 20 will be held the competitive show "Tank biathlon T-72," the organizers said.

For the first time the show "Tank Biathlon" on the territory of the complex was held in 2016, gathering several thousand spectators. This year, the Stalin Line plans to expand the format of the competition, and in addition to the main program, several interactive zones will be opened for visitors: everyone will be able to try their hand at a historical quiz, pneumatics shooting, weapon disassembly and various master classes. The most active participants will be awarded with diplomas and prizes.

The event starts at 11.00. At 14.00, the reconstruction of the “Rzhev-Vyazemskaya operation of 1942” will take place, at 14.20 the competitions “Tank biathlon T-72” will start.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

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