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The number of individual entrepreneurs and their income to the budget of Minsk Oblast is growing


As of May 1, 2019, 39,836 individual entrepreneurs are registered with the tax authorities of the Minsk region and as compared with May 1, 2018 their number increased by 2,291 or 6.1%

For 4 months of this year, such payers contributed 37.7 million rubles to the budget. taxes and other payments, which is 5.6 million rubles. or 17.5% more than the same period last year in comparable prices.

The share of revenues from individual entrepreneurs was 2.6%.

More than half (67.1%) apply the simplified taxation system, the share of payments paid by them to the budget is 61.8% of revenues from this category of taxpayers. Single tax payers are 26.7% of the total, the share of payments is 13.5%. The general taxation procedure is used by 6.2% of entrepreneurs, the share of revenues is 24.7%.

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