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By 2025, Minskgrado will offer up to 500 sites for electric charging stations


The layout of places optimal for the placement of charging stations for electric vehicles, which is being developed by the design and research municipal unitary enterprise Minskgrado, will include up to 500 stations by 2025. The chief architect of UP projects, Anton Shevtsov, told reporters today, BelTA has learned.

“By order of the Architecture and Urban Planning Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, we are developing a scheme for locating electrical charging stations at engineering and transport infrastructure facilities in Minsk,” said Anton Shevtsov. There are two stages, that is, the scheme is not yet complete. At the first stage, the generalized proposals (with a list of priority stations for placement, for which state operators of the electric charging network are responsible) were worked out and transferred to the customer in December last year.

“At the second stage, which ends at the end of June, we will add additional sites to the proposed list. At the time the scheme started to develop, there were already about 25 stations in the city. At the first stage, about 200 new places were provided. that all of them should be implemented. In total, we will offer about 400-500 places of accommodation until 2025 - optimal sites where such facilities may appear. The need for placement in each particular place should be dictated by demand, "said Anton Shevts ov And the demand, in turn, will depend on how many electric vehicles will be in the capital per thousand inhabitants in the next 3-7 years.

In the proposed zones, stations of classes Mode 2, 3, 4 can be installed. They differ in power, what determines the charging rate (the higher the class, the faster the station charges the battery). Preference is given to stations Mode 3 and 4.

“Now we are selecting the most optimal sites near existing facilities where there is an attraction of motorists, such as large shopping centers, multi-level parking lots at office complexes, and points in residential areas. That is, on the already established engineering infrastructure of the city,” Anton Shevtsov added.

He explained that the design organization only points to the engineering possibility of creating an object near a particular site. Specific boundaries can only be established later. It is also important that the initiative should come from users. If residents of some apartment building or yard want to install such a charging station, the scheme proposed by Minskgrado will significantly reduce the time for the approval procedure, since it indicates the nearest optimal places for installation. You only need to contact the administration of your area.

The expert noted that the creation of charging stations for vehicles such as electric scooters is impractical: their power consumption is small.

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