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Friday, 02 August 2019 11:34

The number of requests for medical care due to tick bites has increased in Minsk

The number of requests for medical care due to tick bites has increased in Minsk

The number of appeals to the capital's health care organizations due to tick bites as of July 1 increased by 7% compared to the same period in 2018. Insect attacks most often occurred in the forest zone and in suburban suburban areas, BelTA was told in the sanitary-epidemiological service of Minsk.

At the same time, according to the results of entomological monitoring, for this period in Minsk the number of ixodid ticks decreased by more than 2 times. This was facilitated by the implementation of environmental measures aimed at preventing the creation of habitats for these insects: grass mowing, harvesting of deadwood was organized, anti-mite treatments were carried out on a total area of ​​266 hectares.

In total this year, specialists from the capital's sanitary-epidemiological service examined 255 territories. These are parks, squares, children's summer health-improving institutions, suburban areas of mass recreation for the population and other places. Tick ​​detection is mainly observed in forests located on the periphery of the city.

The sanitary and epidemiological service reminded that the prevention of diseases transmitted by ixodid ticks consists of preventing the attack of ixodid ticks and compliance with measures that prevent the development of diseases after suction. To visit the forest zone, it is recommended to choose protective or as much as possible closed clothing, before going hike use aerosols and other acaricidal repellents. Upon return, it is important to conduct a self-and mutual inspection of clothing and exposed areas of the body. And in case of sucking a tick, consult a doctor as soon as possible in order to receive effective preventive treatment in the first 72 hours.

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