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A new waste management scheme is being developed in Minsk


A new scheme for waste management developed in Minsk, told reporters, Deputy General Director for Operations of housing stock and production issues GO "Minsk City Housing Services" Timothy Kremez, BelTA has learned.

"Today, we are developing a scheme to Waste It will allow us to determine the right logistics, how best to collect, transport, waste sorting, a layout container platforms provide maximum separation of municipal waste." - said Timothy Kremez.

In addition, in Minsk, will update the data of the morphological composition of municipal solid waste: how many plastic, glass, metal and other wastes and the composition varies depending on the time of year. This must be done by the end of 2020. Last time such data was published in 2010 in the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services. Who signed an agreement with "Belzhilproekt". According to Timothy Kremez, the results of which will help determine the need for sorting and physico-chemical data of waste. Based on this information you can determine the most effective method of disposal.

By this GO "Minsk Public Housing", the capital annual formed over 880 thousand. T waste. "About 500 thousand tons in the future need to be composted, buried or used in the energy sector, -. Said Timothy Kremez -. Today, there are several sorting lines, they allow to process no more than 150 tonnes of waste raises the question of the processing of another 350 thousand T.... currently, we are thinking how to do it. "

However, he said that in 2020 the construction of a waste incineration plant in Minsk, most likely, will not start. Who worked in Minsk implementation of the pilot project for energy recovery of municipal solid waste.

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