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Tsuran: on New Year's Eve, the best gift is to become a magician for children


City action "Give a smile to children" in Minsk adds good things in the treasury activities Republican charity action "Our Children", BelTA has learned.

magic spirit in December, captures and toddlers, and adults. holiday approximation felt in multi-colored lights on the streets and houses x glasses in spruce and tangerine aromas and bright Gift wrappings in stores. And every day is filled with fun activities, concerts and congratulations.

Initiated by the Education Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee City event this year takes place for the tenth time. In the Palace of Children and Youth organized a fabulous reception today for orphans, children from large, low-income, foster Semey, as well as those who have shown themselves in their studies, creativity and sport. On the threshold they were in a world of fun games, contests, workshops, followed Christmas Extravaganza "Magical adventures in the castle of white clouds."

Eight mladsheklassnikov school №125 of the Frunze district under the supervision of his social teacher ran from site to site in order to try to treat all of the shares of the partners, blind-cookies Christmas trees, play air hockey, photographed with puppets. "We have for the first time here, so cool - a real New Year!" - Emotional tell the guys. First grader Maroussia Krylovich shared a way to appease the main New Year WIZARD: "My mom and dad at the weekend will be decorating the Christmas tree, we put under it a cookie, milk, carrot and letter of wishes". Ordered that the girl - a secret. But Ira Lashuk of the third class wants to Thermo. Dream second-graders Matthew Kozlowski - model railway. "I know, dear, she But when I grow up, he will be able to make such gifts." - says the boy.

Chetveroklassnitsy school №37 Darin Hertel and Karina Tsalko admitted that they came to have fun today, but they themselves are involved in volunteer actions. "We went to the children to the hospital, gave gifts," - he told them.

"Already adorned the capital, we decorate the tree and start the submission, - said Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Artem LRC -. At this time, we strive to create a miracle for children Giving gifts is so nice from this even more joy than yourself to receive them..." He added that these days the most important thing - that every child receives its share of attention, care and greetings. But also for adults in the city prepared a lot of surprises. Deputy chairman invited everyone to the day and evening program In Town Hall and the Palace of the Republic, as well as celebrate together the New Year's night in the Sports Palace on the promenade at 1:30 will Colorful fireworks. "My wish for the holiday - a comfortable stay for every citizen of Minsk, success in school and work, the health of our children" - confessed Artem LRC.

Festive events held in each district of the capital since December 9 - a total of more than 550. It is planned, on December 21 at the Palace of Children and Youth will be held for the first time the city New Year's score. Participation in it will take 200 children - pupils of 11 classes, students are college and university students. Exciting performances, interactive programs, meeting with Santa Claus will be held in all districts of Minsk. City tree is traditionally held in the Belarusian State Circus - a New Year performance on December 26 will see the 1.5 thousand Students of the capital, they are joined by the guys from Brest and Vilnius.. And more than 1.5 thousand. Young citizens of Minsk will fall on the main tree of the country in the Palace of the Republic. Festive events at the Palace of Independence on December 28 and January 3 will visit the capital of 150 children.

Republican charity action "Our Children" is held from December 9 to January 10. It aims to help the environment and attention, warmth, joy, children with special needs, from large, foster and adoptive Semey and those who for a variety of life circumstances are in need.

Annual during the campaign heads of ministries and other state administration bodies, local authorities, representatives of public organizations visited children's homes and orphanages family type guardianship and foster families, families who are raising children with disabilities, Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation Hospital. They congratulate the children on the New Year, Christmas and given presents, assist in the solution of the existing problems. This time, their wish to participate have already said about 100 organizations.

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