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Friday, 17 August 2018 08:29

Belarus' GDP 4.4% up in January-July

In January-July 2018 Belarus' GDP rose by 4.4% in comparison with the same period of last year, representatives of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus told BelTA.

According to initial estimates, Belarus' GDP totaled Br66.7 billion in current prices or 104.4% as against January-July 2017 in comparable prices.

In January-July 2018 the GDP deflator index totaled 112.1% as against January-July 2017.

Proposals on candidates to replace central government officials must be submitted this week. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the order during the government conference held on 14 August to discuss the fulfillment of his instructions concerning the comprehensive development of Orsha District, BelTA has learned.

According to the head of state, the only reason why his instructions have not been fulfilled is “the devil-may-care attitude of the central government to the presidential instructions”.

“This is why this week I want proposals to replace all the top government officials, the entire top out of the personnel reserve I have formed,” demanded the head of state. “We will no longer have to listen to their explanations of how difficult and complicated their work is.”

Alexander Lukashenko gave instructions to submit proposals concerning the ministers of industry and civil engineering. “He has failed to fulfill the head of state's instructions and get the roof repaired. Who had the right to cancel my decisions? Why did you fail to do what I told you to? Why did the construction company stumble?” wondered the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko said he wanted the head of the Orsha District administration to retire and find another job.

“God forbid if the program you sketched out yesterday is not fulfilled and if my instructions are not fulfilled,” warned Alexander Lukashenko. “As an option, send [Industry Minister Vitaly] Vovk here and get him to revive this entire industry. As for his post, I told [Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai] Sherstnev yesterday that it was up to them to decide. If he fails to do this job, he will be moved to the position I mentioned yesterday.”

Alexander Lukashenko criticized Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Zharko for shortcomings in the development of healthcare industry. “Why didn't you come and tell me about it? Why is the healthcare system riddled with corruption? You failed to do your job in Gomel and you've failed me here, too,” said the head of state.

“Is it up to you to tell me about heroism? Your president said he wanted the matter settled without any excuses. But you sabotaged it,” Alexander Lukashenko said to describe the situation as a whole.

“Ordinary people were part of my delegation yesterday. They asked me why I had to be so upset about that tool-making plant. They told me that the personnel of the tool-making plant and the district administration – about 150 people – led by [Chairman of the Orsha District Executive Committee Alexander] Poznyak could clean up the place after only two voluntary cleanup days. Why couldn't you come up with this idea? The same approach could be applied to all the plants and factories,” noted the Belarusian leader.

“[Vitebsk Oblast Governor Nikolai] Sherstnev is hereby severely reprimanded for the careless attitude to the work he is entrusted with. I've already talked about the central government. [Industry Minister Vitaly] Vovk and [Architecture and Construction Minister Anatoly] Cherny must retire right away. [Chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus Oleg] Dvigalev and [State Secretary of the Security Council Stanislav] Zas are now warned they are unfit for their jobs. If they don't fix things by autumn, if they don't report to me about every enterprise, they will be dismissed, too. I give a simple warning to all the other responsible parties and other people.”

“I'd like to see the new head of the Orsha District administration today and I want tasks concerning all the enterprises assigned to everyone. I want things done. We will try to do it without the central government. We have some reserves in the budget and there are banks,” said the head of state. “God forbid if there is no progress by 7 November. I will come to check it. We are going to also hold a government conference to discuss the flax industry. God forbid if I notice some things out of place.”

During the government conference Alexander Lukashenko also made some comments about “accomplishments” reported by civil servants. “You say that lists of unused or ineffectively used assets have been compiled. You've written down what needs to be demolished and what needs to be sold after a week of work! Did you have to do it at all?” Alexander Lukashenko wondered. “You say the implementation of specific investment projects has been greenlighted. We've talked to the people responsible for running the places where the projects are to be implemented. They have no clue what they are going to do tomorrow. What specific investment projects are you talking about? You say that areas of work to bolster the performance of the flax industry have been determined. I determined them and set goals a long time ago. What else did you have to do? This work is a total failure but we are going to discuss it in September or October.”

“You say that work to find employment for citizens has been stepped up. Increased, improved, bolstered… Just like in Soviet times! You say a program for the period till 2020 has been approved. Can you show me at least one enterprise with new machine tools, new equipment where people work in new ways? You can't. You boast that you've removed waste and the remaining reinforced concrete and other kinds of scraps,” said the head of state.

The Information Ministry is busy working on a resolution on national television content. Belarusian Information Minister Alexander Karlyukevich made the relevant statement on the air of the TV channel STV, BelTA has learned.

The official noted that the renewed mass media law is sufficient for making up one's mind about what the national television product is. “A number of bylaws will be developed to supplement the law. A Council of Ministers resolution dedicated solely to national television content is one of them. Specialists of the Information Ministry and representatives of the TV reporter community are working on it now. We are going to broadly discuss the draft resolution,” added Alexander Karlyukevich.

Speaking about amendments to the mass media law, which are due to come into force on 1 December, Alexander Karlyukevich stressed that steps made by the reporter community contribute to the consolidation of this community and the society as a whole. “It seems to me we have some work yet to do. I would like public reporter organizations to come up with initiatives so that we could move forward,” said Alexander Karlyukevich. “We believe there are a number of aspects concerning terminology regarding participants of the media space. We should resume the discussion of the term ‘freelancer' and add some initiatives. We will listen to the reporter community in deciding on these matters.”