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Monday, 11 March 2019 13:40

Belarus to continue managerial personnel rejuvenation policy

Belarus will continue the trend of rejuvenating the managerial personnel, Head of the Belarus President Administration Natalya Kochanova said in an interview to the STV channel, BelTA has learned.

Natalya Kochanova noted that personnel issues are fundamental. There is a corresponding reserve pool in the country. “We have the Academy of Management under the President of Belarus, where the programs have been recently revised. In addition, we have personnel reserves, the personnel register of the head of state, which is constantly updated. We also have a special reserve which includes those young people who have already chosen public service. These are more than 70 people, and there are already those who have been appointed to high positions in our country,” said the head of the administration.

She added that she recently met with a group of specialists who were appointed heads of district and city executive committees in 2018-2019. These are mostly young people. Thus, the trend of rejuvenating the personnel will be continued, stressed Natalya Kochanova.

The head of the administration also noted the need for staff rotation. “Changing the position and post is the right thing to do. In order to work effectively at a high post, one needs to go through all the stages,” she said.

When asked why, according to the National Statistics Committee, the share of women exceeds 55% in the state administration, Natalya Kochanova said that women are more diligent and more scrupulous. The number of women among managers is on the rise, too. “This is a natural process. A woman no longer wants to stay at home and do household chores. She wants to work and do it where she likes,” the head of the administration said. “Today, there are four women who work as heads of districts in Gomel Oblast. There are many female scientists. A lot of women serve in the Armed Forces and work in the law-enforcement bodies. Today, women have been actively occupying the positions which once were considered men's work.”

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