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International Broadcast Center of the II European Games will work from June 17


The International Broadcasting Center (IEC), which will broadcast the II European Games, will start working in Minsk from June 17. The Prime Minister of Belarus, Sergei Rumas, familiarized himself with the organization of an important object for the sports forum in the Football Stadium, BelTA has learned.

Thanks to TV broadcast II, the European games will be seen by fans in 130 countries, including 47 European ones, which will be an excellent advertisement and promotion of Belarus in the world.

The center is a complex with all the necessary equipment that ensures round-the-clock broadcasting. Its structure includes several zones: zones for domestic and national broadcaster, copyright holders, the main television logistics warehouse (storage space for filming equipment), the technical zone, etc. During the Games, the actions of television crews and technical equipment will be coordinated from here. Also among the main tasks are the formation of an archive of competitions, the processing of materials, the preparation of a video sequence of the most interesting moments, the sound of a commentator. Additionally, the IEC will be able to provide video for news services, a software package for broadcasting to sports complexes.

As the facility manager Dmitry Shilo reported to the head of the government, the center is already ready for operation and will begin to function in full from June 17. It will be open from 6.00 to 2.00 the next day. To convert the playpen to non-core functions, a significant amount of work was carried out. The total area of ​​the prepared technological and office premises is about 3.8 thousand square meters. For cooling large closed hangars, systems with perforated textile air vents are used. Installed additional fire extinguishing systems and alerts. Due to the temporary infrastructure, the power supply system has been significantly upgraded in accordance with the requirements of the 1st special category of reliability.

"The main purpose of the center is to collect information from all objects, process video signals, competition results, send them on four international television channels to copyright holders," Dmitry Shilo explained.

The home broadcaster of the sports forum will be the Spanish company ISB, from which about 200 people are accredited. During a visit to the center, Sergei Rumas spoke with the company's executive director Ursula Romero. She herself directed live broadcasts of many disciplines of international competitions, and in Minsk she will control that the groups from each Games site provide not only a clear signal, but also a high level of picture. Ursula Romero noted that she was pleased with the preparation of the center by the Directorate.

Sergey Rumas asked if everything is going according to schedule. “There are no acute questions today, equipment is being installed. Up to 400 people can be here at the same time,” said Dmitry Shilo.

The Prime Minister highlighted the need to coordinate the work of transport to service all the facilities of the Games, including the broadcasting center. Director of the II European Games Foundation Georgy Katulin informed that this issue is planned to be discussed in detail in the near future.

Belarus received the right to host the II European Games in 2019 at the 45th meeting of the EOC General Assembly, which took place in October 2016 in Minsk. II European Games will be held in Minsk from 21 to 30 June. More than 4 thousand athletes from 50 countries will compete for 200 sets of awards in 15 sports.

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